Rock-Solid WordPress Solutions

Dedicated to seemingly meaningless detail work until it's spot-on and experienced in all things WordPress, we're a small perfectionist web design studio specialized in theme design and plugin development.

Having just about a decade of professional experience under our belt, working from our office near lovely Hannover, certainly we're not on the look-out for occasional opportunities no longer.

Instead we're seeking for long-term clients for whom we can be a dependable and seasoned partner.

  • Cutting-Edge Gear

    Cutting-Edge Gear

    We live and breathe WordPress because it is hands-down the most versatile yet sturdy tool to get a job done eventually

  • Pleasant Ride

    Pleasant Ride

    An enjoyable journey leads to surpassing results — that's why we're strongly in favour of informal, upfront and personal communication

  • Paramount Outcome

    Paramount Outcome

    Scopes and requirements may differ but all our projects have in common that we tend to go the extra mile to exceed aspiration

  • Reliable Backup

    Reliable Backup

    We won't go anywhere anytime soon so you may rest assured that we'll be there for you at every turn if you need a helping hand


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